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Interseroh+ latest news at a glance

Key figures, projects and innovations: read all of the latest news about Interseroh+, our products and services in our Press Centre. Stay up-to-date with all of the latest developments in the recycling industry and sign up for “recyclingnews”, our customer and industry magazine.

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“Made for Recycling”: an island of positive impact in a sea of green claims

+++ Market check: only three of 163 marketing claims comply with planned EU rules

+++ „Made for Recycling“: With the internationally established…

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Enabled by the Recycling Alliance: ALDI rolls out innovative TANDIL bottle and top made almost entirely from PCR

+++ Interseroh+ supports the ALDI Packaging Mission

+++ Optimised packaging for TANDIL washing machine cleaner on sale now

+++ Bottle and top made…

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Markus Müller-Drexel

Interzero Group mourns the loss of Markus Müller-Drexel

Well-known Managing Director of Interseroh+ dies at the age of 59

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New Recycling Alliance partner announced: share keen to promote the circular economy with Interseroh+

+++ Interseroh+, the dual system set up by Europe’s leading circular economy service provider Interzero, is helping social consumer goods brand share…

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Supporting the youth, protecting the environment: ALBA BERLIN and Interzero launch smartphone collection campaign

+++ Campaign starts on 3rd December 2023: Top basketball club ALBA BERLIN calls on its fans to donate no longer used mobile phones

+++ Environmental…

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Europe’s leading circular economy service provider recognised for its dedication to achieving a world without waste: Interzero wins 2024 German Sustainability Award

+++ Expert jury calls Interzero a pioneer leading the way to a sustainable circular economy

+++ Comprehensive closed-loop solutions and innovative…

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Recycling instead of wasting resources: hard evidence for contributions to sustainable business

+++ Interzero and its customers reduce GHGs by around 1 million tonnes and primary resource use by 8.7 million tonnes

+++ Study from Fraunhofer…

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“Future Resources – Future Perspectives”: a vision for packaging recycling

+++ Register now for this prestigious conference hosted by Interseroh+ and the German Packaging Institute (dvi) at KölnSky in Cologne on 9 November…

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Sustainability right up front: Interzero is the new jersey sponsor of ALBA BERLIN

+++ Europe's leader for circular economy Interzero expands its brand presence through jersey sponsorship

+++ Prominent placement underlines the…

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A strong team for protecting the planet: Interzero and its customers push back Earth Overshoot by 7 minutes and 16 seconds

+++ Global Footprint Network calculates resource protection for Interzero

+++ Let’s #MoveTheDate campaign: unburdening the Earth with circular…

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HDPE for bottle production made from 100% LVP for the first time - Interzero receives patent for previously impossible mechanical recycling process

+++ Interzero develops mechanical recycling process with a chemically controlled rheology modification to produce blow-moulded products from 100%…

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Circularity Scouts: IHK Cologne and Interseroh+ make trainees fit for the circular economy

+++ Project of the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce enables free qualification for trainees from all professions

+++ Cologne-based…

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“Made for Recycling” awards seal at interpack 2023

+++ Packaging analysis according to internationally recognized standards

+++ Interseroh+ certifies the flawless recyclability of the BICOR™ MB866…

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Interzero launches Circular Academy in Germany

+++ Building expertise based on practical experience

+++ Seasoned experts pass on insights into the circular economy, designing for circularity, the…

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Focus on recyclability: international packaging analysis “Made for Recycling” generates safety for businesses

+++ “Made for Recycling”: recognised international recyclability analysis and certification of 20 target markets

+++ Interseroh+ presents its range…

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Interzero provides answers on plastics recycling and recycling-optimised packaging

+++ Interzero experts show challenges and promising perspectives, the need for regulation, and greenwashing traps

+++ Participation in "Packaging…

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Strategic partnership: Strategic partnership: Sykell and Interzero present nationwide return system for takeaway packaging

+++ EINFACH MEHRWEG by Sykell and Interzero offers consumers and businesses alike a simple and holistic deposit return scheme for reusable packing for…

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“Made for Recycling”: Interseroh+ analyses paper packaging according to new CEPI standard

+++ “Made for Recycling” packaging analysis with an extended range of services

+++ New method to verify the recyclability of paper packaging


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About Interseroh+:

Interseroh+ is the recycling alliance of the recycling service provider Interzero. The offer of Interseroh+ GmbH is aimed at all companies that not only want to fulfill their legal obligation to license packaging, but also take responsibility for closing recycling and raw material cycles – for this purpose, they can jointly become members of the Recycling Alliance.

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