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Sustainability is our mission

Shaping a sustainable future – closing material loops

The Recycling Alliance aims to manage valuable raw materials in the loop to reduce environmental impacts while also benefiting businesses. As part of Interzero, we are also working towards realising the vision of a world without waste. Want a more in-depth analysis of how our passion and projects are helping to create a sustainable, closed-loop economy? Get the details you need with Interzero’s sustainability reporting here.

2021 Sustainability workbook download

In our workbook, we show you the creative solutions that are available so that we can achieve greater sustainability together: in the workbook, we answer the question of How. Therefore, in addition to interesting customer success stories, you will find additional discussions and ideas, on the basis of which you can get active yourself.

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2020 Sustainability Report download

In our 2020 Sustainability Report, you can read about how we manage sustainability, the goals we set ourselves, and how far we have come on our way to a future without waste.

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Sybilla Merian
Sybilla Merian

Sustainability Manager

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Zero Waste Interzero. For a world without waste

Interzero. For a world without waste

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Sustainable packaging The packaging of the future is ‘Made for Recycling’

The packaging of the future is ‘Made for Recycling’

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Using recyclates For sustainable production

For sustainable production

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