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Packaging licensing – reliable, compliant and convenient

Interseroh+ is your full-service partner for packaging licences

Regardless of the size of your company - Interseroh+ is your reliable partner when it comes to packaging licences.

Interseroh+ offers you the ideal solution for an uncomplicated packaging licence as well as comprehensive advice and tailor-made services. We make it easier for you to fulfil your extended producer responsibility obligations, meet all documentation requirements and thus make an important contribution to a sustainable circular economy.

Want to find out more about packaging licensing with Interseroh+? Please call to arrange a personal appointment.

Your contribution to the circular economy

Every manufacturer, distributor and retailer of goods that are put into circulation in packaging material must have a packaging licence. As the first distributor in Germany, they are legally obliged to pay the disposal costs for the packaging. The aim of the packaging licence requirement is for distributors to take responsibility for the disposal and recycling of packaging.

In addition to the packaging licence, the dual system Interseroh+ offers the complete recycling cycle from a single source - from packaging design suitable for recycling to high-quality recyclates for sustainable production.

Your advantages with Interseroh+

  • Customised solutions

  • Fast implementation

  • Professional advice

  • Easy calculation

  • No additional costs for quantity changes

  • On the safe side

The right solution for every company

Small and medium-sized companies can complete the easy agreement process in our Lizenzero online shop.

Large companies benefit from our comprehensive packaging licensing consulting services and can request an individual quote here.

Internationally operating companies receive comprehensive support for their legally compliant, Europe-wide packaging licensing.

Please also ask about our certified industry solutions for the kinds of sales packaging that are disposed of by hospitals or restaurant chains, for example.

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Why the Interseroh+ packaging licence is worthwhile

Awareness of the relevance of climate change, environmental protection and the circular economy is constantly growing. The recyclability of packaging plays an enormously important role here, as recycling allows valuable raw materials to be reused and primary resources to be saved. Emissions from waste incineration plants can also be reduced. In this context, packaging licences make a significant contribution to closing the loop. Dual systems, distributors of packaging, local authorities and sorting and recycling plants work together to make sustainable recycling a reality.

By obtaining a licence, you and your company are not only legally protected, but you also assume responsibility and make a significant contribution to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. With Interseroh+ you can obtain your packaging licence in just a few steps.


Licensed to pack

Full service for distributors

Full service for distributors

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Packaging licensing online shop

Packaging licensing online shop

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Europe-wide licensing

Legally compliant placing of packaging on the market

Legally compliant placing of packaging on the market

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Separating waste works

Correct waste separation – a winner for climate protection


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Good for the circulatory system: clear separation instructions on packaging

Separating waste works
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