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Pan-European packaging licensing: One platform for many countries

Anyone who, like Wickelkinder, places packaging on the market in Germany, must also be involved in its recycling. But regulations vary across Europe.

Online commerce is booming, resulting in an increasing volume of packaging. In Germany, the law is very clear about how this is to be handled: Anyone who places packaging on the market must be involved in its disposal and license the quantities with a dual system. This also applies to Wickelkinder GmbH. But what needs to happen if goods are shipped to other European countries? Each country has its own regulations, and the legal situation is quite complex.

This presents a challenge to companies such as Wickelkinder GmbH, which ships its manduca-branded baby carriers and carry wraps across Europe. The company keeps track of all the various legal frameworks by using the platform.

"We need to know exactly which packaging legislation applies in each target country. "

Frank Leukel Head of Logistics Wickelkinder GmbH

A simple approach to navigating a regulatory maze

What regulations apply in which country? The detailed guidelines, digital short analyses and checklists provided by LIZENZERO.EU help companies meet their licensing needs and minimise the time required for this process. “With just a few clicks, this inexpensive service helps us to find out whether there are any obligations to license packaging in our target countries, as well as associated costs and the steps needed to complete this licensing,” says Frank Leukel, Head of Logistics at Wickelkinder.

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