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Ritter Sport: Circling the square

Can chocolate be wrapped in paper? To answer this question for its products, Ritter Sport needed to take a trip off the beaten track.

Ritter Sport is a household name in Germany, and the shape and colourful packaging of its chocolate squares is instantly recognisable. But the packaging material the company is working on is new. Ritter Sport’s brief was that it should be sustainably produced, made from renewable raw materials and fully recyclable. An ambitious project, indeed. After all, is not easy to find good alternatives to plastic packaging for food. To meet this goal, Ritter Sport is striking out on new paths, running tests, asking questions and learning a lot in the process. The company firmly believes that paper is the best option for meeting all of these requirements. An initial prototype made of paper was developed in early 2020.

"We want to develop packaging made from renewable raw materials that can be managed in a closed loop. "

Katja Binder Head of Packaging Development at Ritter Sport

Many partners, one goal

Ritter Sport works with a strong network of experts in developing a paper wrapper. Interseroh+ also supports the company with its Made for Recycling Interseroh service. As an expert in the field of packaging solutions, the environmental services provider knows what the options are. One of the challenges is that a special paper with coating which must also be recyclable in the waste paper stream is needed to protect the chocolate. The new paper wrapper, which has also passed an initial real-life retail test in Austria, meets this requirement.

A few more steps are still remain until a paper-based form of primary packaging is ready for the big time. There is still room for improvement, especially in terms of processing the packaging in the machine. So the journey continues – until the perfect wrapper for the square-shaped chocolate can be found.

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Julian Thielen

Head of „Made for Recycling Interseroh+“

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