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Conserving resources with recycling

Need the facts and figures? Our studies and certificates are proof of how we and our customers are helping the environment.

Reducing the ecological footprint: Every year, Interzero commissions Fraunhofer UMSICHT to determine its contribution to climate change mitigation and resource conservation by managing packaging and other materials in the loop. This study, entitled resources SAVED by recycling, compares aspects such as the primary plastics manufacturing process with the production of recyclates and highlights the ecological benefits of recycling. The reductions to greenhouse gas emissions and resource savings are also thanks to the work completed by Interseroh+ and its customers.

Long-term benefits for our customers: On your individual resource protection certificate, we state the quantities of primary raw materials and greenhouse gas emissions you have saved/reduced by partnering with Interseroh+ and Interzero. Utilise these science-based results as a powerful argument when communicating with your partners and consumers.

Portal "resources SAVED by recycling"

You are our customer and want to download your individual resources SAVED certificate? Then just visit our portal and login with your individual access data.
Packaging licensing Reliable, compliant and convenient

Reliable, compliant and convenient

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Sustainable packaging The packaging of the future is ‘Made for Recycling’

The packaging of the future is ‘Made for Recycling’

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Using recyclates For sustainable production

For sustainable production

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„resources SAVED by Recycling“

Recycling means creating value