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Interseroh+. The dual system with the ‘+’

360° recycling for materials with its sustainability portfolio, Interseroh+ goes far beyond mere licensing for packaging.

How can packaging waste be usefully recycled and how can raw material loops be permanently closed? How can packaging recycling be structured so that it benefits both the environment and the economy? Interseroh+ is taking a shared, innovative and transparent approach to tackling these challenges.

Clear benefits for manufacturing and retail customers: Beyond the simple licensing of packaging, the Interseroh+ dual system is a one-stop shop for managing the recyclable loop: from recycling-friendly packaging design to high-quality recycled materials for sustainable production. Companies who sign up with Interseroh+ GmbH also achieve much more than just meeting their legal obligations from the German Packaging Act. As a Recycling Alliance partner they have the chance to help shape the circular economy of the future. Want to know more about Interseroh+? Please call to arrange a personal appointment.

Markus Müller-Drexel

CEO Interseroh+
"Together for a sustainable raw materials revolution"

Our key advantages for you

  • Full range of collection and disposal services

  • Europe-wide compliance with packaging licensing laws

  • Access to high-quality recycled materials

  • Expert advice on packaging optimisation and use of recyclates

  • Marketing campaigns and sustainability communications

Interseroh+ in figures

Over 30 years of experience in packaging recycling and closing material loops. Successful operation of a dual system for more than 15 years.
100 percent customer focus.
Packaging licensing Reliable, compliant and convenient

Reliable, compliant and convenient

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Sustainable packaging The packaging of the future is ‘Made for Recycling’

The packaging of the future is ‘Made for Recycling’

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Using recyclates Closing plastics loops

Closing plastics loops

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References Successful projects, satisfied customers

Successful projects, satisfied customers

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Careers at Interseroh+ Help shape the future with the Recycling Alliance

Help shape the future with the Recycling Alliance

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Sustainability at Interzero For a world without waste

For a world without waste

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